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Achieve Maximum Impact with Minimal Effort

Our Just Add Power series of products includes lighting controllers and illuminated objects and characters that literally just need to be connected to each other and to power to provide intriguing lighting that can even be synchronized to music with no programming required. Perfect for adding to a large custom-built display or standing on their own, each Just Add Power product uses our Christmas in a Box as its main controller.

Christmas in a Box

Start with the Christmas in a Box

This product gives you a pre-programmed master controller (or "Brain") and light controller with 16 cords (or "channels") that are ready to accept the lights around your display.

Christmas in a Box

Add Lights

Speaking of lights, you can add Christmas lighting strands (incandescent or LED), illuminated figures found at most big box stores, or one of our Just Add Power products.

Christmas in a Box

Keep it. Change it. Expand it!

Changing the programming or music is as easy as ejecting/inserting a new SD card like the one in most digital cameras. This way, you can re-purpose your Christmas in a Box for any time of year — Halloween, Fourth of July, or any special event.

So here is our complete line-up of Just Add Power products. There's more information (including an informative video) about the base controllers on the Christmas in a Box page and plenty of photos, videos, and other data on each of the add-on products listed below. Please note some Just Add Power products utilize RGB technology and may require an additional controller to operate. But don't worry about the details now! Just browse and contact us with any questions as we would love to assist with bringing your display ideas to reality.



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