Shedding Some Light on Halloween Decorations

In recent years, we have seen decorating with lights expand from the traditional Christmas season to other times of year, especially at Halloween. So while I realize it’s early March at the time of this writing, it never is too early to start planning and budgeting for a lighting display.

So, yes, a tad early, I would like to address a common question we receive: Do you have anything new and unique for a Halloween animated lighting show?

Of course! In fact, we have several unique products that you might want to consider.

Haunted House In A Box

Haunted House in a BoxThe Haunted House in a Box is the foundation of an animated lighting and music show.

This has been an Animated Lighting product since 2003. It allows you to connect your flood lights, orange and purple Halloween light strings, strobe lights, and black lights and have an animated lighting show filled with scary (and fun) sound and lighting effects!

In addition to that standard setup, we have also come up with several products that would work with our Haunted House In a Box. Read on!

Singing Jack-O-Lanterns

Imagine purchasing eight of the pumpkins/Jack-O-Lanterns found at retailers such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot, and similar stores. Simply connect them to eight of the designated connections on your light controller that are part of your Haunted House In a Box product.

You connect your flood lights, strobe lights, and Halloween string lights to the other eight channels.

You now have a show where it looks like each one of the Pumpkins are singing on an individual basis! It is really cute and will entertain your family and visitors.

Find out more or watch this video for more information.

Pumpkin Faces

The idea for Singing Pumpkin Faces was brought to us by one of our amusement park customers for their Halloween display. We thought this product would also be great for the residential customer who wants an incredible product that will lead to people saying “Where in the world do you get that? It is sooo cool!!”.

This product includes 1, 3, or 4 full Pumpkin “Faces” with their own looks and personalities. Each Face looks like they are singing on an individual basis.

There are several options for purchasing the Pumpkin Faces:

One Face: With this option the Face will always be the lead singer. The Face uses seven of the 16 lighting channels in the light controller. The other lighting channels are used for your lights on bushes and trees, flood lights, black lights and strobe lights.

Three of Four Faces: With this option each Pumpkin Face is individually controlled so we move which Face is the “lead singer” and which Faces provide “backup singing”.

With this option you purchase the Haunted House In a Box with two light controllers. The first light controller is used exclusively for the first two Faces whereas the second light controller is used for the third Face and nine channels for your lights on bushes and trees, etc. NOTE: You can also purchase a 3rd light controller if you want to do four Faces plus 16 lighting channels for lighting on bushes and trees, flood lights, black lights and strobe lights.

RGB Lighting: RGB lighting is so cool, dramatic and WOW. This works great for any special event, including Halloween, Christmas, Parties and Patriotic Holidays.

A quick explanation about this technology first: Each bulb in each string has a Red, Green and Blue (RGB) LED. With proper programming each bulb in each string can be any color of the rainbow. For Halloween the colors of the RGB lighting would be typical Halloween colors: Purple, Orange, White, Yellow, Green and Red.

RGB products that work great for halloween include:

Pixel 360 strings: They are called “360” strings because each bulb on the string has a 360 degree viewing angle so you can see each bulb from anywhere. These are great for Arches, outlining guttering and rooflines and even outlining the Pumpkin Faces. (More on RGB products.)

Orbs as ghosts for HalloweenOrbs: These are ornaments that look great in trees. With some creativity and some white sheets you can make these into floating Ghosts. (See Product Information)

We Can Help!

These are great ideas but you might have questions about how to pull them off successfully. It’s actually fairly simple! Contact us for ideas or assistance with your Halloween lights display.