Looking for unique? Try these Leaping Arches

What are “Leaping Arches”? They are really cool!

There is always a group of folks that want to do more than just have their lights dance to the music. They are looking for items that will provide more of a WOW and make people ask questions like “How in the world did you do that?”

They also want products that are fairly unique and that you would not see at most (if any) other local displays. Leaping Arches are such a product.

Animated Leaping Arches

This product came on the scene several years ago. We have heard them compared to a lighting version of the “Dancing Waters” that were introduced at a Disney hotel over 40 years ago.

Here is what our customers have told us about these arches:

  1. This is a product that many of our customers prefer to build themselves instead of purchasing the completed units from us. We can send you to videos that show how to build these.
  2. They love the effects that the arches have available. We have an excellent demo page on the Animated Lighting website that shows an introductory video of lighting effects. Here is the link to find this page: http://www.animatedlighting.com/products/just-add-power/animated-leaping-arches.php
  3. Even though many of our customers prefer to build the arches themselves, they want to use our lighting shows that have the various “leaping” effects already pre-programmed. There is a listing of over Qty. 16 shows/songs that have these effects programmed on the same website as in # 2 above.
  4. The customers don’t make the Arches dance/leap on every song. They prefer to a have a song play where the lights OTHER than the arches dance to the music (for that song the arches are off) and then have a song play where all the lights in their display INCLUDING the arches dance to the music. This leads to people wanting to watch their display longer as they want to watch the arches dance synchronized to another song.
  5. Most customers want their arches to be all in one color, which is typically white.

See for yourself! Watch this video of our RGB Leaping Arches in action as part of this exciting customer-built display: