Lighting Displays for Religious Organizations

There are several options we have to help you add a religious theme to your show.

First we need to know what religious items you have that can be illuminated and be in your show. The great majority of our customers have items from a Nativity display that they want to include in their show. These include the following:

  • Shepard/Shepards
  • Sheep/Lamb
  • Manger
  • Joseph (Kneeling)
  • Mary (Kneeling)
  • Baby Jesus
  • Magi/Wisemen
  • Ox/Donkey
  • Scene of Joseph and Mary traveling
  • Angel Gabriel
  • Bethlehem Star
  • Heavenly Host – Multitude of Angels
  • Gifts
  • Palm Tree

Below is a picture showing these various items combined into a religious display:

Greatest Story Ever Told Just Add Power Display

We have a lighting package called “The Greatest Story Ever Told” that would allow some or all of these items to be included in your display. We have these available for purchase but you can provide your own items if you desire.

You can mix pre-programmed lighting shows that we have prepared based on several religious songs with your lighting on your trees, bushes, etc. at your home or business. If you already own your own Nativity display, you can use our Christmas In A Box to bring it to life by adding music, narration and elegant lighting effects. We will work with you on the length of the display, the appropriate Bible passages and how to configure the lighting for this display. Your version would start and stop as you desire, play the narration of the passages, and illuminate the appropriate parts of your Nativity display as the passages are read.

If you want a religious display only that is also an option that is readily available. We have an animated lighting package that consists of the wireframe figures in the picture above, built with powder-coated steel frames and outlined in super efficient LED lights. Each piece is independent and can be connected to our standard Christmas light controllers and/or Christmas In A Box. When connected to speakers, the story of the birth of Christ is told with the figures illuminating at the appropriate times. It really is the Greatest Story Ever Told and tastefully done in classic elegance. We are proud that we have a Christmas lights music package that will be well received by your friends and visitors.

This totally unique show consists of all the lighted frames in the picture above. The 4′ version has figures averaging four (4) feet tall with the arbor and star seven (7) feet high. The display stretches out 35 feet if all figures are placed next to each other.

The 6′ version of the Greatest Story Ever Told has figures averaging six (6) feet tall with the arbor and star ten (10) feet high and stretches out 45 feet if all figures are placed next to each other.

For more information, visit this web page:

Here is a video of The Greatest Story Ever Told display at a church in Sikeston, MO: