How to Be Neighborly with Christmas Lights

So you have your Animated Lighting display and your friends and visitors find it totally cool.

Multiple houses can run an Animated Lighting show.All of a sudden one or more of your neighbors stop by and ask how they can get in on the fun. They want to tie their display items in their yard into your animated display.

Can you do this? SURE!!!! How, you ask? Let’s review what you need to do and how we can help…..

  1. One “Brain” runs the show:  One Monster Brain Animation Controller (our “CPU” that runs the shows and plays the songs) will run the entire show, regardless of how many houses you tie together for this “show.”
  2. Each house should have its own light controller(s): Each home in this display should have its own Animated Lighting light controller (one or more depending on how many items each neighbor wants in their display). The size of the light controller(s)is determined by the electrical power that is used by the lighting they want to dance in their display. We can help you with this if you have any questions.
  3. Each light controller needs to be connected to the “Brain”: Each controller receives commands from the Brain to make the lights ramp, fade, chase, shimmer, etc. to the music. These light controllers are typically connected to each other with Category 5 computer cable (easily found and purchased at stores like Home Depot, Walmart, Radio Shack). The alternative to using computer cable is to connect the controllers to the Brain wirelessly. Animated Lighting sells wireless transmitters and receivers. They work awesome and are what you need if you are going to connect your neighbor that lives across the street.
  4. Discuss how your show will work together from a visual standpoint: We can help you with this but it is really cool if the displays at each house are coordinated. People either coordinate their displays by color (when the red lights turn on at one house, the red lights turn on at the other houses)or by type (bushes, tree trunks, candy canes, reindeer). We are happy to provide design suggestions if you are interested.


This is just an overview of how to coordinate this type of display with multiple houses. With thousands of customers we have tons of ideas on how to make an incredible impact! Contact us for ideas and assistance with your next Christmas lights display.